Qualify as air crew on a rescue helicopter - Click on the link below for more information!

Learn the skills you need to work in and around helicopters in an operational environment.

Through theoretical and practical training delivered by our training partner, the LifeFlight Training Academy, you will learn:

  • About pre and post flight preparation – the importance of preparation, briefing procedures and safe boarding techniques.
  • How to identify and use essential Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment.
  • How to conduct Emergency Procedures and Drills – dealing with equipment failure, directing passengers, working with pilots and crew, brace positions and personal response control.
  • How to escape a submerged aircraft and survive at sea.
  • How to use lifesaving equipment including life jackets and life rafts.
  • How to carry out aviation and helicopter security procedures.
  • How to land in prepared and improvised sites and carry out winching and wireman activities.

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