Helicopter Rescue Crew

Gain the full range of skills you need to operate as a member of a helicopter aircrew and maximise your career opportunities.

In this training, delivered by our training partner LifeFlight Training Academy, you will learn:

  • About pre and post flight preparation – the importance of preparation, briefing procedures and safe boarding techniques.
  • How to identify and use essential Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment.
  • How to conduct Emergency Procedures and Drills – dealing with equipment failure, directing passengers, working with pilots and crew, brace positions and personal response control.
  • How to escape a submerged aircraft and survive at sea.
  • How to deploy and use life jackets and life rafts.
  • How to carry out safety procedures on a helicopter and aviation base.
  • How to plan and manage helicopter loads, including weight distribution, balancing, lashing, loading and unloading.
  • How to apply first aid including treating hypothermia and dehydration.

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