This training has been specifically designed for the mining and exploration industry and for companies or organisations that operate in remote or isolated areas at home or abroad.

Training focuses on providing company personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to set up a company based search and rescue system and to initiate a timely response to reports of missing or overdue employees, aircraft or vessels.

Our remote area training is tailored in consultation with the client to specifically meet their organisational needs relevant to the areas in which their employees operate and can cover any or all of the following areas:

  • The relevant national and international search and rescue system
  • Company search and rescue procedures
  • Emergency reporting requirements and points-of-contact
  • Roles and responsibilities of local SAR authorities
  • Flight following
  • Searching from the air
  • Distress beacons and location techniques
  • Lost person behaviours
  • Search and rescue procedures and techniques
  • Search patterns
  • The search team leader
  • Search area calculation
  • Medical factors that affect survival such as hypothermia, hyperthermia, trauma and acute or chronic medical conditions
  • Aircraft accident hazards

Training can be delivered in the traditional classroom setting, through online distance learning using our virtual campus or a combination of both.

SAR Training Australia is happy to discuss your training requirements and to develop and deliver a program to meet your organisational and geographic requirements.

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