Air Search Observer Training

Air Search Observer training covers the competencies required to conduct air search observation duties during an air search operation.

Course delivery consists of audio-visual presentations, discussions and group role play.

Subject material includes the following:

    • Search and rescue roles and responsibilities
    • Criteria to be an effective SAR team member including interpersonal and operational communication
    • Factors that impede performance
    • Appropriate clothing and PPE
    • Personal requirements
    • Manifests
    • Briefings
    • Aircraft hazards
    • Approaching aircraft
    • Loading aircraft
    • Moving within the aircraft
    • How to scan at an effective distance
    • Saccading
    • Factors that affect saccading
    • Reporting sightings
    • Maintaining sightings
    • Departing the aircraft
    • Operational debriefs
    • Departing the aircraft

Note: This course is available for group bookings only.

This training is delivered over one day in a classroom environment. Cost of training is dependent on the location of training and the number of students enrolled.

At the completion of training, students receive a certificate of successful completion.

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