The following comments have been provided by our students as feedback at the conclusion of our training programs.

  • "Unfortunately, I cannot find any areas of improvement. Throughout the course the level of assistance received has been exceptional. The lesson structures are very well compiled and the references and links provide the student with all the necessary material and information to complete the course."

  • "I really appreciate the guidance given to me during the course. It is indeed a very good course and hope that I will be able to take the next course from SAR Training."

  • "Lecturer progressed at a very suitable pace and was of a good mannerism. A rewarding day of training."

  • "Excellent course which achieved all the objectives."

  • "Excellent! Beginner. I've learnt a lot."

  • "I greatly appreciated your remarks and direction during the course. You always provided timely feedback and advice when asked as well as providing it at times when it was most required. I look forward to building on the knowledge you have given me and will be looking to SAR Training Australia for further studies in the very near future after such a positive experience with the Introductory course."

  • "Good course on the procedures involved with SAR.  I liked how you broke lectures up with group activities and map work. Also the photographs of downed aircraft was good to see what the accidents look like in the real world."

  • "Important aspect is the open discussion of the actual events "war stories" which make the course material real".
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